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Mission Statement

Providing a fun, safe and nurturing environment where kids acquire the skills and knowledge they need to successfully participate in the game of soccer.  We believe that a child who goes through our program will become a well-rounded soccer player.



All of us at XL Soccer World believe that well-rounded soccer players not only possess solid skills on the ball (passing, shooting, ball control, dribbling, foot skills) but also have a good understanding of how to integrate themselves within the framework of a team when off the ball.


Reading and anticipating the game, moving into spaces, communicating with and supporting teammates, transitioning quickly from attack to defense (to attack) are all traits that players who learn to play at our facility will be exposed to over the course of their learning experience.


We believe that in order to learn to play the game, players need to be challenged to play fast, make quick decisions, and still maintain control of the ball. To provide this type of setting, we will combine players in an age group that show potential into our Elite teams.


Elite level teams will compete against children who may be two-to-three years older and who are therefore bigger, stronger and more powerful. This type of situation forces the Elite players to use their intellect and to work together as a team.


As coaches, we are less focused on the score of the games our teams play and are more concerned about how the players demonstrate the skills and concepts we work on in practice. We view the games as an opportunity for the children to make good decisions on and off the ball, to move and support each other and to control and pass the ball rather than to kick it with all their might every time they touch it. We are focused on how the teams, as well as each child, demonstrate those concepts and skills.


Learning to control the pace and rhythm of the game as a team, through ball possession and passing, is an integral to our program at XL Soccer World. The kids will learn that the other team cannot score when our team maintains possession of the ball.


To Parents

Please be sure to encourage your children to participate to the best of their abilities in every practice and game and to follow the instructions of the coaches at all times.


Enjoy watching your child during games and practices.  When watching your child’s game, please leave the coaching to the coaches. Clap when your child or the team does something well; but, please refrain from shouting instructions or criticisms from the bleachers, no matter how well-intentioned your comments may be.


Please follow the coaches’ lead and do not focus on the game’s outcome. As you watch your child and their team, observe how they play. Count the number of passes they connect in a period of time (3 minutes), observe whether the players communicate with each other. Do they move for each other off the ball? Do they have composure and control the ball under pressure or do they blast it in a panic? Do they pass the ball back and across or do they just run in one direction every time they get the ball?  After the game, share some of your observations with your child.


In order to challenge the children to think and control the ball as a team, coaches may institute a “Passing Rule.” When a team has a passing rule, they must complete a certain number of passes when they are in possession of the ball before they may shoot on goal. This will sometimes result in a player being in front of the goal and not taking a shot. It may also happen that a player does score without the score being put up on the board because the passing requirement was not fulfilled.


There may be times during games when the score becomes lopsided. When this happens, the coaches will tell the referee to refrain from adding point on the scoreboard. However, the referee will keep the score in his book. We do this in order to avoid demoralizing/crushing a team’s spirit. We believe that all of the kids are on the field to learn to play better soccer; so, the focus should be on learning, not on the score. 


Help your children to prepare for each session by having them rested, fed and hydrated. Have them fully equipped, with shoes tied tightly. After a game or practice, encourage your children to rest, eat and drink to restore their strength.


Every player on the team is important. For this reason, enable your child to arrive at the facility at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of practices and games.

Parent Guidelines

In order for everyone to be able to enjoy their time here at XL Soccer World, we ask all persons to be respectful of spectators, players, coaches and officials.


Whether you are here to support your child, play a match with your team or learn to play, remember that everyone is here to do his or her best and have fun.


Apply the guidelines of good sportsmanship and fair play in all situations and don’t forget that in the end, “it’s just a game.”


Parents please remember:

  • Let the coaches do the coaching

  • Provide positive support

  • Kids make mistakes

  • Most players are here to learn and get better at playing soccer

  • Without an opponent to play against, there would be no match

  • The person you may be shouting at is someone else’s son/daughter

  • The referee is facilitating the match and does not care about which team wins


Coaches please remember:


  • The fun and learning in a match comes from the challenge the opponent provides; thus, it is OK  to even out a lopsided match by giving one’s team a pass rule or to play with fewer players on the field.

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