How long are the birthdays for?

  • Birthdays run in 2 hour windows, with a 15 minute cleanup “grace period”. For example: if my party is from 12-2, that means I will get to use the party room from 12-1:45 so that that the staff can come in and clean up. BUT I will still get the use of the field space.

What is the Difference between the Gold and Silver package?

  • Silver: No coach, use the time on the field however you wish.

  • Gold: A Coach will be provided to assist with refereeing, splitting teams, running drills, playing games and helping out with the party in general.

How many kids are we allowed to have?

  • You are allowed to have as many kids as you want, but keep in mind that the party room will only seat 14 people.

Can we wear cleats on the field?

  • No, we do not allow cleats to be worn on our indoor fields.

What can we/do we do about food?

  • You are more than welcome to provide your own food.

  • We also have a bar that serves fresh pizzas and party platter and can have something ready for your party.

    • Will need a 48 hour notice if anything needs to be ordered.

What is included with the birthday packages?  

  • With either package: you will get a table cloth, use of the party room, field space, plates/napkins can be provided  *if needed*, soccer balls can be provided *if needed*

Gold package: What does the coach do?

  • With the gold package, the coach can do a numerous of things. Each party is different.

    • Ref games

    • Run drills and do skills training

    • Set up scrimmages / World Cup Tournament

    • Play fun soccer related games

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